My professional goal is to design learning environments for adults and children that incorporate learning theories with educational activities using interactive technology and digital storytelling techniques. 


This online portfolio represents the coursework undertaken as part of a Master of Arts in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology, College of Education at the University of New Mexico. The coursework was begun in August of 2005 and completed in May 2009.  The portfolio is organized into four pages: home, biographical information, profile of the Internship experience, and  descriptive synthesis of coursework with examples of products from courses. This website is designed in compliance with portfolio objectives mandated by the Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology (OLIT) program.


I would like to express my appreciation to the professors and staff of the OLIT program for providing guidance  and encouragement throughout the program, offering opportunities to create coursework for real world applications and for  sharing their wide ranging expertise  in my education experience.  I appreciate the  Maxwell Museum of Anthropology  for allowing me to work and study and learn about human culture across space and time.  May I also express gratitude to my family, friends and colleagues who supported me through this educational journey.

Thank you all :)

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